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I am a strong believer that each of us is the expert regarding our own thoughts, feelings, emotions and everyday processes. You may well have a strong sense of what you are currently struggling with, but you maybe cannot name or understand it right now. You know what it is that you do not want to feel or experience in your life anymore, but you maybe do not know how to go about making the necessary changes, or even where to begin.

Sometimes, issues, events and situations from our past or present can stay with us and end up negatively impacting our well-being today. Are you experiencing difficulties that are currently having an impact upon your relationships, job, happiness, well-being and everyday life?


It is important to have psychological space, without feeling judged, for us to be able to explore what it is that that may be negatively impacting our lives. My training and experience has taught me that I can help others by offering an empathic, non-judgemental and non-directive approach. I will work with you at your pace, and with the issues that you feel comfortable sharing. I will support you by helping you to make sense of why you feel the way you do, and to discover what it could be that has triggered your current emotions, thoughts and feelings.

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