Fees & Availability


Individual Counselling : £45 per 50 Minute session


**Please note: I'm currently unavailable. Please visit Hove Counselling and Psychotherapy's page to find a suitable therapist for you**

Types of Counselling available


Online (Zoom)


What are the steps to booking in a session?

Usually, the way it works is by us booking in an initial assessment session.

The initial assessment is for you to get a sense if you would feel comfortable working with me and for me to assess if I can meet your needs.


We leave some time towards the end of the initial session to discuss if you would like to proceed with Counselling. We will then arrange to meet for a minimum of 8 weekly Counselling sessions, with a review to see how things are going. 

Please feel free to get in touch with myself by submitting the contact form, and I aim to respond within 24 hours.

Please note all methods of contact are confidential.


Counselling Room