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Sarah Murphy


Hello and welcome.


I'm Sarah and I am a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor offering individual counselling.

My expertise comes from over 12 years of supporting clients who struggle with anxiety, intrusive, negative thoughts, and helping people to manage physical sensations


My experience of supporting individuals in mental health and counselling settings is that talking therapy, being heard, affirmed and validated, along with equipping yourself with practical tools can help you to feel more in control and less consumed by anxiety. 


Anxiety is very unique to each person, and you may experience different symptoms whether that be physical sensations and/or fearful and self-defeating thoughts in your mind


Anxiety is often rooted in real life experience. None of us are born anxious. It develops, often as a result of negative comments or from not feeling nurtured or supported, as well as traumatic life events. We 'carry' negative messages about ourselves which can then become fixed as real beliefs about who we are.


It can leave you feeling as though you have little control over it, filled with fear and often not knowing why it’s happening or what you can do to help manage the thoughts and physical sensations.


It is absolutely possible to recover from and learn how to live free from everyday anxiety. 


By talking about anxiety in therapy, it gives it ‘less power’ in your mind. When we’re in the ‘fight or flight mode’ everything can feel very scary and heightened. It’s about discovering your triggers, where they have stemmed from (whether that be from early years of your life, or a recent event), and exploring them and finding ways to help manage them, in order to feel less panicked.


Now, everyone will experience anxiety in their life. We have anxiety to protect us from danger. It’s our body's natural defense mechanism. 


When we experience intrusive thoughts (which everyone has, and it is completely ‘normal’) we can often keep these in and not share them, in fear of being judged, or think that no one will understand. This leads to ruminating (battling things over in your head/trying to make sense of/replaying past events or worrying about the future). This is incredibly exhausting, all very consuming and often leaving you feeling that you're not able to be present with your everyday life, and your loved ones around you.


This often keeps the anxiety ‘alive’ in your mind and re-fuels it. By talking about it openly in a safe, supporting space, gives you the opportunity to release your thoughts so that you can gain more headspace and clarity as to why you’re experiencing fearful thoughts.


In sessions I would be exploring with you when you first noticed anxiety arise in your life. It may well be that you’re not conscious of this information initially, and that’s okay, it’s what I can support you to help discover, and bring into your conscious awareness.


I offer a warm, gentle and professional approach. When we feel anxious, we very often feel vulnerable and scared to open up, as naturally we want to protect ourselves. I will offer you a safe space, and go at your pace, working with what you feel is comfortable to bring.



I have over 10 years experience of working with individuals in private practice and within mental health organisations.


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My Approach

I am a qualified Person-Centred Counsellor, and the fundamental belief of the person-centred approach is that each of us has the potential to progress forward, to make positive changes and to gain a clearer perspective of ourselves and our lives.


This goal is supported by the therapeutic relationship built and created between the counsellor and client.

I have worked in private practice for over ten years, where I have offered individual counselling. My fundamental framework and approach is Person-Centred, but I also integrate other approaches into the counselling sessions where appropriate.


The other approaches I have had training and certificates in are CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) T.A (Transactional Analysis) and Mindfulness.


I am passionate about mental health and Counselling. There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding than to witness clients I work with, grow, gain a new perspective and make positive changes to their life and mental well-being.

I will offer you a safe, supportive, non-judgemental, professional approach that will value you as an individual.

About me

Soon after finishing school, I became a manager of temporary accommodation for individuals and family's experiencing homelessness. I met many diverse people from all walks of life with all different stories, backgrounds and life experiences to share. I was in this position for three years and it was during this time that I realised I wanted to train to become a Counsellor.

I went on to complete two Counselling courses at Sussex Downs College, named, Introduction in Counselling Skills and Intermediate Counselling.

I later went on to complete a Foundation Degree in FdSc Person-Centred Counselling with the University of Brighton. I have attended many training courses through a position as a Recovery Worker in mental health such as A.S.I.S.T, safeguarding, equality and diversity, mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Transactional analysis to add to my continuing professional development.

I am also a qualified trainer and have developed and delivered mental health awareness training within a mental health organisation and to external charitys'.

Getting Help

To arrange an initial assessment session, please fill out the contact form below.

All communication is confidential.




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